Video Management Software

Sitting at the heart of a security solution, should be an open platform Video Management Software (VMS) offering so much more than just industry standard video and recording management. As well as bringing together audio, data and video, including images from the very latest ultra-high definition and 360° fish eye cameras, these platforms should make integrations between disparate third-party technologies simple. We've selected and work with VMS solutions that unlock a host of business intelligence and operational benefits and enables the deployment of technology such as intelligent video analytics, whilst augmenting often ‘dumb’ systems with video and ease of control to create a much more powerful and effective total security solution.

One of the biggest challenges facing the VMS industry is finding experts that understand the impact of the solutions upon both the local and wide area networks, in addition to the IT equipment and storage needs. We make it simple for you to bring this together into a single IT infrastructure, integrating the many features offered in todays latest technology. Providing you with advice, options and future-proof solutions that suit many different industries.


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