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We're looking for innovative RFID solutions that are cost effective and serve a practical need. For instance, we have found some innovative baggage tag solutions using the latest RFID to track luggage through airports.  Affordable and very effective, integrated with the global baggage handling systems, the ReboundTAG is the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide; this is achieved by using multiple layers of technology in a single tag . It was designed working with airlines, airport microchip companies, baggage handling companies and other parts of the travel industy.

ReboundTAG has been showcased by Lufthansa as a way of preventing lost luggage globally, including at the Annual General Meeting of IATA (the international airline regulator). As well as the tags, Lufthansa demonstrated ReboundTAG’s systems (see below) displaying personal messages for people using the microchips. ReboundTAG is the only luggage tag ever showcased by a major airline at the IATA AGM.
ReboundTAG is designed for any traveller or company, not just airlines. It means that a bag is protected worldwide when a person travels.

ReboundTAG airport


The Design Concept
ReboundTAG worked with top designers to achieve the “semi-transparent” effect so that the actual microchips can be seen inside the tag (note if desired we can also produce non-transparent tags too, but pretty much everybody loves the “visible microchip design”)!

Formulated with Security in Mind
ReboundTAG is a member of SITC, a government-funded group set up by the former head of counter-terrorism in London and designed to bring fast growing technology companies together with governments for security purposes. There are only 200 members worldwide including IBM, BAE Systems and Vodafone. ReboundTAG uses technology to achieve security as well as customer satisfaction.

Technical Prowess
ReboundTAG has been invited to contribute to the IATA board which is deciding global microchip standards for all airlines. ReboundTAG helped design the airline standards which mean microchips are more secure and flight details can be encoded onto the chip whenever the person travels.


How does ReboundTAG work?
ReboundTAG is the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide. It achieves this by incorporating all of the main bag-tracking technologies approved by IATA (the international airline regulator) into one tag.
  • It uses IATA-standard radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips for airports that use microchip systems (the most advanced airports like Hong Kong and Amsterdam use microchip systems), and for other airports it incorporates other layers of technology. ReboundTAG has been invited to contribute to the IATA board deciding global microchip standards for airlines and has very highly respected expertise.
  • The NFC microchip can be scanned with most modern smartphones; the ReboundTAG system can use the GPS within the finder’s smartphone to send the owner a map of exactly where their bag was found while the owner’s details remain private and secure.
  • A QR code can also be scanned using smart phones and at the lowest level of technology (or outside an airport) the ID number printed on the tag can be manually entered.
  • ReboundTAG is integrated with global baggage handling networks using a system endorsed by the head of airports at IATA; ReboundTAG members are updated by email and SMS when their bag is found, anywhere in the world. The bag owner can also even be updated if an airlines’ paper tag is used to identify the bag due to our exclusive partnerships with baggage networks.

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We think you'll love the price and the security of using ReboundTAG's on your luggage, you can even customise them with your business logo and offer them to your customers as part of a branding or marketing campaign. For further information, see the ReboundTAG web site.


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