We live in a connected world, where information is freely available online and 24x7, 365 days of the year. This online culture has seen a new threat to our privacy and being able to protect our information has become more and more important. Most people think that with firewalls and anti-virus protection we are sufficient protection against threats from intrusions on our data networks and that encryption of data is sufficient to halt anyone stealing valuable data.

As we have seen in the press over the past few years, cyber crime is more prevelent than ever, it one of the fastest growing crimes. Protecting our information is more important than ever. Cyber security products and services are the new and fast growing trend and something that both small and large organisations are struggling to understand or comprehend. Many cyber crimes go unnoticed for many months with the damage not only to the company involved but also to the companies reputation. 

At Toros Consulting, we are taking a very practical approach to help our customers protect their networks and information from both wihtin the organisation and from outside. Our experts have expertise in areas such as secure voice and data, PCI compliance, intrusion detection and provention.


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