The DCIM market has been in existence for many years. As of early 2015, there were over 85 products on the market that called themselves DCIM solutions. Many data centre operators and owners have tried one form of DCIM solution, many find that it falls way below their expectations and they never realise the true value that the DCIM vendors claim. Sometimes this is not always down the the products and solutions that customer select for their DCIM journey. Throughout the years, we have seen many failings, some due to the DCIM vendor claiming value that cannot be delivered, others where the customer's maturity model is not where it should be to realise the full potential of the DCIM solution. 

At Toros Consulting, we have delivered DCIM solutions to the market that focus on three core principles - People, Process and Tools. These three principles help guide us and our customers towards realising the full potential of a well delivered DCIM platform. It takes courage and a willingness to change and transform the way we operate, breaking down traditional silos and sharing information across disparate teams. We expect, yet demand Executive sponsorship when we engage with a client, with someone that can make decisions on adapting procedures and processes to align these three principles.

Our offering can be summarised as below:

People Process Tools


At Toros we are here to help you on your DCIM journey with practical help, our knowledge and expertise in delivering transformation DCIM value to our customers.


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