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At Toros Consulting, we have carefully selected our Partners for their product capabilities and how that matches our philosophy of People, Process, Tools. Many of these tools providers are enhancing the standard DCIM capabilities with solutions that look deep into the performance of the data centre and identify inefficiencies and areas for improved operations.

Our Partners are at the leading edge of technology development and include:

mako networks



Mako Networks is a specialist network management company specializing in small site security, health record access and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions. The company assists businesses around the world to secure their networks and provide the capabilities needed to better manage their network connections.

Mako provides its solutions using a unique cloud-based system consisting of two principal parts: a Central Management System accessed through a secure website, and network appliances installed at customer locations. Through this two-part system, Mako is able to deliver a range of services that provide Internet connections, protection, access control and detailed reporting.

intel logo




Intel® Datacenter Manager (Intel® DCM) Portfolio provides critical management capabilities for today's datacenters. With the Intel DCM Portfolio, IT and facility managers have the tools to improve manageability, increase availability, and reduce costs across key parameters, such as energy usage, monitoring, security, automation, and cloud.

In an era of rapid datacenter evolution, Intel DCM Portfolio helps you control and optimize your infrastructure, business models, and operational expenditures. Portfolio software products include:

  • Intel® DCM: Energy Director (formerly Intel® Data Center Manager): This power management solution stack for the datacenter provides accurate, real-time power and thermal monitoring and management.
  • Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway and SDK: A cross-platform virtual KVM used for diagnosing and troubleshooting datacenter hardware. 





TSL Products are traditionally known for their design and manufacturing of Broadcast equipment used widely in media production such as television, cable, satellite and IPTV. Since the evolution of the traditional broadcast studio and the emergence of IT based systems, TSL Products’ have developed their range accordingly. Power management is critical in the daily performance of live systems and therefore the requirement for up to the minute diagnostic information is fundamental. TSL Products manufactures a range of rack mountable power management hardware, and through this development came the requirement for even deeper insight into how power is distributed and monitored across facilities. Thus the evolution of its latest energy saving product, InSite.

InSite provides real-time monitoring, with in-depth reporting via easily configurable dashboards. Suitable for use with any manufacturer’s hardware, InSite is a versatile and cost effective solution for managing power more effectively. Toros Consulting actively sell InSite as a key part of their product portfolio to non-broadcast customers.

tso logo



TSO Logic delivers software solutions for optimizing application delivery. Our integrated, open platform provides unprecedented visibility into IT operations — from the stack to the rack — plus actionable analytics and automated controls for improving performance.

Visibility, action, and control: the individual components of the platform mesh seamlessly to enable IT to dynamically positions workloads, improve uptime, and reduce operational expenses — in legacy data centers as well as in the cloud and software-defined network spaces. Agentless and easy to deploy, TSO Logic’s software gives the enterprise the power to dramatically reduce wasted resources — staffing, money, and energy — without impacting performance or availability.

Wavestore logo

Wavestore has been providing Video Management Software solutions across a host of industries for over fifteen years. From compact installations to fully integrated enterprise solutions with many thousands of cameras and other devices seamlessly connected, Wavestore video solutions have been successfully deployed in thousands of applications around the world. Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of video management software.




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