About Us

Toros Consulting Limited was founded in 2014 by a team of individuals each with over 25 years of experience in the Telecoms and Data Centre markets. After years of working in these markets with major deployments across the globe, they formed Toros Consulting to focus on no-nonsense, practical product and service delivery putting the customer's business at the heart of the solution.

The business is based upon the key principles of People, Process and Tools and is driven our experience in providing complex solutions to a wide range of enterprise, carriers, mobile operators, colocation and cloud providers.

We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly deployments of technology, many of which fail due to the customer organization not being ready for the transformation or very poorly specified solutions, as well as vendors claiming value they simply cannot deliver.

With a deep understanding of Data Centre, Telecoms and Security solutions, combined with practical experience in delivering customer value, our teams have developed partnerships with a range of product, consulting and project management services and a robust ITIL-based deployment methodology, we ensure your projects will deliver value to your business.

What do we do

  • Work closely with our clients to help them idenitfy and understand their needs
  •  Look at our clients processes and assist them in mapping those to the tools
  • Look at our clients organisation and determine their readiness for the deployment
  • Look at the organisation objectives and ensure the deployment meets these
  • Identify technologies and platforms that meet the clients needs
  • Assist our clients in identifying a qualified Partner for implementation of the platform
  • Build trust and a honest relationship with our clients at all stages of the engagement
  •  Drive business value with affordable pricing for our services

Where do we Operate

Our business is primarily focused in the European and Middle Eastern markets. Our experience is global but we like to have a local presence where we can share the knowledge and expertise we have with our clients.

What we term "global reach with a local touch".

Our value comes from being

your Trusted Advisor

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